Reading List for the Creative Type


There should be a study that examines human behavior while standing in the self-help section of a book store…  And that’s really all I have to say about that.

Moving on.

Two books that I’ve been carrying around with me this past week:


I loved Austin Kleon’s first book, “Steal Like An Artist,” and “Show Your Work” is a great follow-up. If I didn’t already have a blog, reading this book would’ve been the final straw in taking the leap and creating one. Showing your work and putting yourself out there is not always easy (although, for some people it’s very easy.. too easy.. “let me show you what I eat for every meal” easy), but it’s an important part of the creativity process. I love how the book is designed with little quotes and pictures throughout that really highlight Kleon’s message. A quick, easy read for anyone who isn’t like me and takes two days to finish a two page magazine article.

Creative Block,” is by Danielle Krysa of the fantastic blog, The Jealous Curator. In this book, she interviews artists of all mediums- asking questions, like “How do you respond to criticism?” and “When do your best ideas come to you?” Also, each artist shares a little activity you can do when you are feeling creatively blocked. Bonus! The book also serves as a portfolio of some very talented artists that you may become giddy over discovering. I feel some future posts already brewing in my mind…

What do you think?

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